White Industries Cranks

They are mainly for the SS MTB people. The shortest arm length is 170. I am long-legged and can’t do 165. Does anybody here run them, and how much do you love/hate them?

I considered buying them. 47.5mm chainline with suggested bb was offputting. I worried that the arm would hit the chainstay with a shorter spindle.

Curious, what is the suggested BB length with these to maintain a 42mm chainline?

overpriced outdated shit.

edit: sorry, overpriced proprietary outdated shit.

Sorry to offend your sensibilities Dutret. I feel really bad about that. I know you are a God and all. Seriously, no sarcasm at all…

dutret has every right to express his opinion in whatever way he feels like. It’s still an opinion if you use strong wording.
We all know he could be wrong, and we all know he really isn’t.

Bottom line: get over it.

whatever, iso taper njs bs is the same “outdated” shit. whatever happened to the appeal of emotion?

I called WI and they suggested not doing this because some bikes have widers stays than others. You could be a guinea pig and report back? I didn’t feel like taking this risk.

the bb isn’t the only thing outdated about these cranks.