Who rides from Boise to Vegas?

I’m bored and didn’t want to go to sleep just yet so I’m copy-pasting this stuff + what I just wrote up for other people over here for your enjoyment… or not. It’s all good.

The “You’re Dumb” ride:

Day 1:
Distance (actual): 135 miles
Time: 7:30
Avg speed: 18.0mph
Climbing: 4741ft
url: http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/hi/-boise/293125428315957734

Day 2:
Distance (actual): 135 miles
Time: 7:30
Avg speed: 18.0mph
Climbing: 3173ft
url: http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/id/-grasmere/581125428396515443

Day 3:
Distance (actual): 113 miles
Time: 6:21
Avg speed: 17.8mph
Climbing: 3891ft
url: http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/nv/elko/978125429689051478

Day 4:
Distance (actual): 78 miles
Time: 4:00
Avg speed: 19.5mph
Climbing: 3652ft
url: http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/nv/-eurika/398125429703868652

Day 5:
Distance (actual): 142 miles
Time: 7:10
Avg speed: 19.8mph
Climbing: 2940ft
url: http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/nv/eli/149125429749576067

Day 6:
Distance (actual): 93 miles
Time: 4:36
Avg speed: 20.2mph
Climbing: 1339ft
url: http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/nv/-vegas/538125429771574422

Long overdue, but I’m way lazy about this kind of shit so… pictures from the ride that I took (so they are terrible):

Nick and his too-small reflective vest

who is that handsome gentleman in the tarck jersey?

resting point on the first (?) day:

sleeping is for the birds, I found a swingset instead.

I don’t know, farmlands and shit I guess.

First flat. Goddamnit nick, I wanted it to be me.

no front tire bike is a sad bike

The road was long and flat. Cool story, huh?

God these guys are slooooooow

Getting kinda late

still can’t see the stop but it’s coming up, sort of soon. It was getting cold.

next morning, getting ready. (sexy)

Riding along, I got like 3 flats this day and everyone was displeased with my worn out tires :frowning:

A bush on the side of the road. Enjoy.

Top of the Wild Horse Dam. That climb felt like forever, but it felt good too.


As you can see, wild horse is a thriving metropolis

Still at Wild Horse. I’ll take this opportunity to say, Fuck you, Wild Horse. Fuck. You.

Just got off the freeway coming out of Elko. Freeway riding is not the best, but this road was pretty rad.

More of that road from the freeway, awesome scenery.

Some horses thought they could outrun us. Bitches.

Rain coming our way. I’m scared.

Rainbow makes me not afraid anymore.

Descending into a mountain valley, I’m way behind cause, lol dropped camera battery.

Sky is pretty.

Morning breakfast jaunt.

Bikes ready for riding. What kind of douche still has spoke cards? Pfft.

1st pass of day four.

3rd pass, missed the 2nd cause it was only 6000 or so, and that’s hardly anything.

Who says there’s no coasting on a fixed gear bike?

Power legs! Also sunburnt.

4th pass, but you can’t see the sign cause I’m bad at cameras that are broken. (edit: may be another day, or maybe justin just changed jersey’s, don’t know)

SWEET! Another podunk town, hell yes!

Entrance to a neat canyon.

Starting to descend a lot more, I got tired of spinning out on long descents so damned much.

The next morning after staying at some cool little hot springs like 50 yards from the highway.

The aforementioned hot springs.

More hot springs action. Someone was complaining about mexicans a lot and it was weird.

This vegetation looks alien to me, we were getting close I guess.

I like how these mountains look. Nevermind the power lines.

We’re basically there. Time to relax and talk about how awesome we are.


I didn’t take any pictures in Vegas cause I was busy being a social butterfly

edit: fixed images cause I’m dumb

:bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: affinity lolz


That looks like fun as hell! You must of received one wicked fucking tan!


These pictures need more black and white, and more Rapha apparel, because this ride was clearly an EPIC.

I’m sorry I’m not a trust funded photography student. As a matter of fact, my camera was/is broken and I couldn’t’ even see what I was taking pictures of.

niiiiice ride.

Wow. I’m impressed.


well, the whole ride… but this pic too.

That looks super fun! And doing it with the RV must’ve been cool… showers, something resembling a bed to sleep on, and no need to do any wacky fixed gear loaded touring experiments.

Big ups, that’s a lot of riding!!

Somehow you made what looks like a fun trip sound boring. Good job.

Definitely needed more b&w and Rapha though.

fixed with bullhorns and track drops w/out hoods? you are stronger men than i.

Yea, it made things a whole hell of a lot easier. We did originally intend to do it on just our bikes with no support camper or anything, but we couldn’t have even tried to go fixed if we had done that.

[quote=Jim]Somehow you made what looks like a fun trip sound boring. Good job.

Definitely needed more b&w and Rapha though.[/quote]

Yea, I didn’t have time to write up the ride beyond quick stupid comments on the pictures that didn’t completely suck. Maybe later, and when I get home I’m going to greyscale all my photos just for you (and cadence).

To be fair, the guy on the pursuit frame wimped out and switched to his road bike after the second day. However, I’m a real man and made it the whole way on my fixed bike.


Wow. Good work, dude.

yeah stormy, i remember meeting you at interbike, i was very impressed.

cool route