Who steal my new bike

poor of me, a fucking guy steal my bike, I want to beat him to death


I stole it, EroTwit.

Fight me.

if i looking for bike

him name is bike

i lost my bike

love, erowit

p.s. i’ll find my bike

who took my bike

who found my bike

what bike was stole?

aren’t you an internet round creature mogul? surely you can buy a new one.

EroWiT, warrior poet. Seeking with anger, a fucking guy bike stole of his.

who was phone?

at least you will have great deals on round creatures

thread this best

how is biek theif formed

did you the whole bike?

This is a truly weird approach to selling rims. Even for you, EroWiT.


release anger here, and fight thef

yo erowit, what bike was stolen?

why you no post it in the post your bike thread?

<3 erowit

modz plz sticky