who wants to help me make a decision?

So I have a dilema, I have 2 bikes an 87 cannondale, (126 spaced 6 speed with dt shifters, mostly 105) and my kilo tt. I’ve enjoyed building them both up from framesets and I’ve learned a bunch along the way but neither really fit the bill for what I need right now.

I’m on a seriously tight budget and I don’t get to ride as often as I’d like so I can’t justify both bikes so I’m going to start to part out the kilo (I don’t ride it that much). Leaving the cannondale but the rear stays don’t work with the kid trailer bracket so I can’t tow the kids with it and the front wheel is a 24 spoke Roval aero which sketches me out on some of the gravel/brick/rough country roads I ride on. Plus I need to do something ugly to get the bars up since the saddle to bar drop is too much (I have a messed up neck).

Natural answer to country road riding and occasional kid towing is something from surly. Budget wise the Pacer would work better but I think the Cross Check would probably do a better job. I think I can sell enough parts from the kilo and my tarck stash to buy a frameset, with the Pacer I could use the parts from the Cannondale and sell the frame to finance a new wheelset. But with the cross check I’d need to buy more parts at the beginning.

I’ve been watching used bikes/frames for forever and very little comes up in 53ish that fits the bill/budget. I’ve also thought about the Kona honky tonk or a bikes direct crossbike or an old mtb for trailer pulling and keeping the cannondale.

Would the pacer suck to tow a kid trailer? Should I look at the pake c’mute more? Any other input? Sorry this doing my head in right now!

I know quite a few folks who are very happy with their pacers. I don’t see why it would suck to tow a kid trailer behind one. Pacers also have the classiest Surly logo of all time. Do that.

The crosscheck does have horizontal drops if you ever get the itch to go back to fixed/ss.

specs on kilo TT?
price on complete?
might be interested in it in a month or so.

Hold your horses: have you investigated getting a different hitch for your trailer? If it’s a Burley I believe you can get a different style hitch that mounts to the axle.

Conversely, you could get a different/new/whatever kiddie trailer that might work better for your needs and not require you to get a different bike (i.e. doesn’t have one of those triangle hitch things).

Or: hit up the local bike co-op, Craigslist, whatever and get a cheapass mountain bike and use that for the tug. Just make sure everything is in safe/decent shape and you should be good to go. Trailer towing isn’t especially hard on the bike, you just need decent brakes IMHO.

I do a lot of kiddie trailer towing with my Wike Moonlight Double and love it. Use an Xtracycle for the tug. I think you would be fine with whatever, just make sure you got plenty of gear range b/c as the kid(s) grow you’re gonna need it!

P.S. - I understand that this thread is really about justifying a new bike purchase and I support that. I would probably go with the Pacer unless you have a deep and abiding desire to run SS / FG (probably not since you’re selling the Kilo) or v-brakes (which could be good for trailer towing but you may not be focusing on that side of the alleged requirement too much, dunno).


P.S. - I understand that this thread is really about justifying a new bike purchase and I support that.[/quote]

It certainly is! I have to admit that the building of the bike is half the fun.
I’d be super stoked if I could find an old mtb for the trailer and still build up a pacer…

As for kilo tt specs, 50cm, threaded fork and worth more as parts than a complete bike!

You should be albe to get a cool older mountain bike for like 50 bucks if you keep your eyes open. I get free ones all the time.

if you’re looking for any old road/mtn frame that’s cheap and fits larger tires and fits you, the Pacer seems like the most expensive cheap option.

I have an old steel trek frame with too much rust that needs a powdercoat, i think 53 or 52, I’d love to get rid of real cheap. I just got a triple butted Univega too, 53. Or the Pake C’mute has been getting some love around here lately, and is about $100 cheaper than a Surly.

What exactly are your requirements?


Also this…I volunteer at a co-op in the DC area and we have tons of random spare parts to make trailers work with different set-ups…it ain’t always aesthetically pleasing, but it works.

And definitely this.



Closest I’ve found is an 18" Gary Fisher for $80, I need to go back and check it out more it may be a bit big.

[quote=sneaky viking]
What exactly are your requirements?[/quote]

  1. Nice road bike which is more comfortable than my C’dale,
  2. Pull kid trailer
  3. Get rid of extra stuff I don’t use

For the road bike bigger tires, more upright riding position, full fenders would be nice. I think I could fit 28 randos on the C’dale but I don’t know if raceblades would still fit, I could use a different stem to lessen the saddle to bar drop.

Have you looked at the Surly Long Haul Trucker? It sounds like it should meet all your requirements.

More comfortable riding position, fits larger tires and fenders, etc.

Putting drop bars on a older MTB is a pretty easy project.

LHTs are EXTREMELY comfortable and kinda overbuilt.

I wouldn’t have a LHT for an every-day bike.

Me neither, but it’ll be around when i’m not such a reckless child.

I think I was too quick to write off the cannondale and an MTB, for some reason I wanted to get down to one bike. If I sell the Kilo I should be able to buy a half decent MTB that can pull the trailer and have fun on some trails but still be left with a fast, fun bike.

Thanks for the help! People think I’m weird for liking bikes so you lot are all I have for inspiration!

Thanks for the help! People think I’m weird for liking bikes so you lot are all I have for inspiration![/quote]

i think that goes for a lot of people in there.

I’d say if you can make the trailer work with the cannondale, you could easily have just the one. The front wheel shouldnt be too much worry, I’ve ridden much lower spoke count wheels on gnarlier roads. I spent a good portion of a month riding some rolf’s in Yosemite and that included some unexpected late night single track and hiking trails and stuff. just pop smoe bigger tires on, Panaracer makes a tire called the RiBMo that has a load of flat protection and a bit of tread that is pretty sweet for what you do. A mtn bike is certainly cool, but unless you are trail riding and stuff, you might as well just make the cannondale work.