Whoops! I just put a tire on backwards. Will it explode?

specialized armadillo all-condition 28c.

i think its probably ok that the rotation-----> arrow is pointing toward the rear of the bike, since i pretty much just do back circles all the time, but if i do choose to go forward, will it break or something?

on some tires i can see how the direction would matter, but there is really not much of a tread on this thing.

Call the bomb squad, that shit is gonna level your entire neighborhood if you don’t do something immediately.

No explosions, to be sure.

Oh wait…

Tire direction is kinda BS. Don’t sweat it.

do you live in the southern hemisphere? if so, youre OK

Dude I wouldn’t sweat that shit at all. You got deep-v’s right? thems bombproof man, you’re solid.

If your tire only has a label on one side, it will be on the incorrect side. This will make your bike look sloppy to bike nerds like me.

Label placement
Most good bicyle mechanics pay attention to the orientation of labels. The most usual custom for tires is to locate the label right at the valve, facing to the right. Some justify this on the grounds that having a standard tire mounting orientation can make it easier to find a thorn or glass sliver in a tire, once the hole has been located in the (removed) tube. While there’s an element of truth to this, placing the label consistently is really more about pride of workmanship and attention to detail.


yeah, i have to roll mine backwards…or else.

Theoretically, the siping won’t work as well in wet conditions, but that’s a dubious “feature” anyway (see Sheldon’s article on hydroplaning or go by your own experiences).

It would bug the crap out of me, but I’d only bother switching it if I had nothing else to do or I had the wheel off for something else.


I’ve been riding a rear Continental Ultra Sport backwards for few weeks now.

I’m still alive.

I think.

why don’t you just put it on the right way?

Laziness is my guess.

Or my reason.

direction only matters in car tires. you can mount bike tires any way you want to.

You guys are making me nervous. For the love of Tarck Bear run your tires in the correct direction and please line the damn label up with the valve stem. Think of the children please! :colbert:

My reason actually has to do with the fact that when I mounted the tire, I was on the freewheel. Then I flipped to the fixed side and my tire was now in the wrong direction.


Freewheel? Truly heartbreaking (imagine teary eyed emoticon here)

Haha, let’s not get into this again.