Who's Down for the Alien group buy.

Only click “Yes” if you mean it.
If you click “Yes” and you dont mean it, deathare will track you down and punch in the dick (or vag, as the case may be).

There’s no “Only when I’m drunk” option cause this is serious, damnit!

WOW that was fast RP thanks. I am serious, the last thing I want is to be punched in the dick

in it to win it

Depends on when. If it’s in December or after, yes. Otherwise, no. So I didn’t vote.

I need a few more details, time and estimated price mostly then I’ll vote- I’m getting a frame built for me right now so I don’t really need one…



Uh…I just looked at the website.
Aparently, they’re in Norway?

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]Uh…I just looked at the website.
Aparently, they’re in Norway?[/quote]
True Story!

i’m in this same boat here.

Also have you contacted Alien? Are they willing to do a group by?

Pretty sure pdxfixed did a group-bi of those. I’m sure someone on here is a cross poster

I’m sure they are down for the GB.

But yes, more info por favor.

Throwing my hat in with the need more details crowd.

In order to make appeasing the “need more info” folk, you guys (or whoever is arranging it) should look into getting the guy to work with you on pricing a 5 -10 frame groupbuy, a 10 - 15 frame groupbuy and a 15 - 20 frame groupbuy. He could set the prices with the obvious price cut for the higher brackets. Then you’d satisfy those needing more information.

It would also help if you laid out a set of guidelines for the purchase. More solid dates, how the painting or options would be handled, where the money would go, etc.

Yeah :colbert:

No group buy but we contacted him. He said he’d knock off $35 for 5 people buy in.

I said I would look into this and make first contact, but I wanted to get a better idea of how many frames we are talking about. AK is talking (above comment) of a different group buy. There are no details, dates, colors, arrangements for $$$ as of yet. the only real details is that I said I would see if we could get this to happen. really saving $35. is not much of a deal (see above) SO i would hope to get 15-20 interested folks.

I will ask about pricing for frames discounts in increments of 5 ,so we can a better idea of price based on possible numbers.
if we want them painted I think we should keep it to 2 color options (lets not get in to this now… it is way to early in the process) and a unpainted option. I think this would help us get a better price and if I am going to set it up I would want it to be some what simple. I said I would contact them early next week. This thread is just to see if you all are down and if we can get a good price on a frame. I hope this helps answer some of the questions here. :bear:

Sign me up.

red and blue on the colors bitches!!!

No way, black or white.

There should be at least one color option, such is the decree of :bear: .

[size=70]and so it begins.[/size]