Will all TT brakes work w/ Rb-021s?

Title says it all. I have seen pictures with bar end brake levers on Nitto Rb-021s, so I know it’s possible. What I don’t know (since I don’t know anything about tt brakes) is if I can buy just about any brake and have it work.

Can I?

as long as the brake is the correct size for the bar.

How do I find out either of those things?

The RB-021s have a larger center clamping area diameter than the diameter at the end. So I know the bar clamp size, I don’t know the bar end size.

And the same with brakes. Someone in another thread said these work with the 021s, but I don’t see anywhere where it says what size they are. How would I know that without buying and trying them?

http://www.canecreek.com/images/stories ... -2005c.pdf

those fit inside diameter 18.9-20.6.

dont know about the bars

TT levers have a bolt that expands inside the barrel, so I reckon any modern TT lever should work. I used Dia-Compe levers with RB-021s and they worked great.

i read the title as “top tube brakes” and my balls went up inside me

I got a pair of Syntace Space Control levers (for $24). I hope they fit. And I hope it’s possible to route the cable outside the bars, but it doesn’t look like it. May have to drill the bars.

If they don’t fit maybe I’ll just go with the tektros.

Don’t get those tektros gerund has, they suck.

[quote=“gerund”]^ True story.
Don’t drill the bars, dude, just route the cable along the bottom of your bars, under the wrap. I feel like it gives me a more dynamic gripping surface.[/quote]

If you run the cable along the inside of the bars (inside of the curve, not inside of the bars) then you barely ever even notice that it’s there.

That was a horrible description. I’m gonna draw a MS paint drawing to show what I’m talking aboot.

My concern is not how routing the cables under the tape would feel (i’ve done it before and it’s fine). My concern is these particular brakes not allowing me to do that. The descriptions all say they use internal cable routing and since I’ve never used (these) bar end brakes, I don’t know if I’ll be able to route them outside.

Just go to Cycle Smithy and ask Joe or John about it.

i have a cane creek lever and had no issues with cable routing.

The tektro’s have the cables run under the lever, so outside of the bar. The bars that I got for my alien were used and already drilled to have cables to run on the inside so I got some SRAM TT levers. I have one of those tektro lever’s lying around. If you need just one, pay for shipping and it’s yours.

I’m in South Carolina for the rest of September, then in Boston for most of October. I’ll see what position I’m in when the brakes I ordered get here.

What are you doing in S.C.?

Staying with my younger brother while my mother is away, waiting to go to boston, and sweating my balls off.

Hm. N.C. is much more pleasant.

Yeah. I’m almost in Georgia.