Women's Specific Saddles

A friend of mine had to go to the doctor recently because her leg went numb for a few days after we did a 15mi mtb ride. She was told that she had pinched her s1 (or L5-s1) nerve. Something called Radiculitis. I think it was near her lower back.

Anyway, they told her she can’t ride for a couple weeks and should look into getting a new saddle. Now, she has the seat about 4 inches too low, but otherwise the bike is a good fit. I’m trying to convince her to set it up correctly, but I wanted to know if anyone on here has experienced something similar, and could suggest a good saddle for her, since the one she has is complete junk.

She’s about 5’8 and probably around 120ish if it matters.

I have not experienced this problem

however, I have heard good things from these:

selle italia ldy

specialized jett

fizik vitesse

I have this:

I really like it. It’s not too wide int he butt area like a lot of women’s saddles are. It’s slightly padded with gel padding, but it isn’t too much.

I find the most important part, esp if you are thin, is to find something with enough padding to be comfortable on your pelvic bones, without being too padded so it rubs on the sides of your legs.

I also find wearing good chamois to make a big difference. I just bought a pair of fairly affordable shebeast shorts that I really like.

Snatch up one of those specialized BG saddles. They come in sizes too, so go to a good shop and have her sit on some to find a properly fit one.
Anyone worth their salt in one of those shops should be able to give you some help.

Was the saddle 4 inches too low when this happened?

Yes, I keep telling her it’s all wrong but she won’t listen. I’m sure this is why it happened in the first place, but the saddle is definetly trashed also.

I’m gonna put it in the right place and replace the QR with an allen bolt and glue a bearing in there :slight_smile:

Yes, I keep telling her it’s all wrong but she won’t listen. I’m sure this is why it happened in the first place, but the saddle is definetly trashed also.

I’m gonna put it in the right place and replace the QR with an allen bolt and glue a bearing in there :)[/quote]

use parafin wax instead of glue, then you can get it out.

For starters get that seat post higher. I know you already know that. Has she given any reason why she prefers it lower? When putting together my gf’s bike she liked the post slammed all the way down because it made her more comfortable to be able to put either foot down whenever she needed. I explained to her how to toss the bike to the side to lower it when stopped as well as all the benefits of extending your leg fully through the pedal stroke. I then raised her seat a half inch or so until she got comfortable with it, then I would raise it again for the next ride. That’s worked well and her saddle is finally at the correct height.

All that said: Specialized Lithia

Might not work for her but Specialized saddles are easy enough to find. Go to any shop stocking Specialized and she can try out different widths.

This sounds like sciatica which is likely not caused by direct pressure from the saddle. L5/S1 refers to the disc that’s putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. This may have happened as a result of bad posture (saddle way to low) or having pressure on the base of the spine, basically the coccyx should absolutely not rest on the saddle. If you think about the anatomy of it, this also more likely with a saddle that’s too low.

I doubt that a women’s specific saddle would help so much as correct posture would. If your friend is so unwilling to correct the saddle height then perhaps she shouldn’t ride a bike. Re-injury is likely.

my woman swears by her speed-v

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