Would you ride a recumbent?



I am sure they are fun until your friends find out



I see recumbents all the time. I pass maybe two or three on the way to work every day. And they are unfailingly driven by super dorky middle aged men. But I would totally ride a full fairing recumbent in some sort of salt-flats-human-powered-vehicle-land-speed-record type deal.

Mopeds, in this town anyway, are mostly the domain of the backwards-cap-school-hoodie-pajama-pants-flipflops-beanbag-throwing-beerpong-playing crowd.

want a moped soooo bad

mopeds are lame
recumbents are dorky
dorky > lame

no, but i think blicks would.

theres some guy around here thats really fast on one. i might try it to say i did.

Sure, why not. A low racer could be fun.

they strike me as somewhat dangerous. but have huge geek appeal. if I were to somehow lose mobility in my back and grow a huge beard, I’d look into it.

i would definitely ride a recumbent, AYHSMB

There’s a guy around here with a recumbent trike with a small filing cabinet between the rear wheels and a million crazy flags and reflectors of all shapes and sizes. He rode past my house as I was walking out the other day but I wasn’t quick enough to get a shot.

And yes, I’d get bent.

a customer just finished a 500mile race last weekend on one.
they’re fast as fuck…til you get to a hill.

also, i miss this sometimes:

Many people who ride recumbents do so because their backs are messed up and they can no longer ride road bikes. I give the utmost respect to those who will do whatever it takes to stay on two wheels. So, yes, I would ride a recumbent.

If I needed to, sure.

they are fun as hell to ride! yes, i would ride the shit out of one.

they are fun as hell to ride! yes, i would ride the shit out of one.

i’d ride the shit out of one. gimme a trike with two front aerospokes and an hplus in back. tarck that bitch out ayhsmb