WTB 10s Shakes

I don’t care who makes them I’m just looking for a deal.

Campy would have to be 11 because I can hack it to 10s Shimano right? Sram is fine. Don’t want external cable Shimano tho.

10 speed shakes

Is this for “road” gearing or are you going to use a giant rear cassette? Because I have that Campy 10s Centaur century gray group.

I have an 11-36 laying around that I plan to use.

I never really had good luck with 10s Campy (with campy dangler) and a Shimano cassette.

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Even then, IRD makes wide-range 10 speed Campagnolo cassettes. Find a long or medium cage Campagnolo derailleur and you’ll be set.

Yeah, that shit is bogus, just like the SRAM rear derailleur “hack”.

I have a Jtek shiftmate thing that does the 10 spd campy shakes + dangler to Shimano 10 spd cassette you can have for the cost of shipping should you want to dither in that direction.

I would love to dither that way. Where do I send the check?