WTB: 20" Clydesdale disc wheel

For the Clydes. Dyno would be great, as would disc, but not picky. If you have anything you’d like to part with let me know.

I might have a 20" qr disc wheel I’m never going to use.

I also sometimes take a couple months to get things shipped, so…


20", CL disc, super low quality, solid threaded axle

Make me an offer that will motivate me to throw it in a box I already have and also walk a block to the post office to ship it.

It’s the stock wheel off my Lorry, it works fine, I just pulled it because I built a dyno wheel

The fork is on order so it won’t be here for a couple months anyway. I’ll send a DM.

@iwillbe Thanks for the offer! Gonna go for the qr.

image https://crustbikes.com/products/budget-20-disc-wheel/

Thanks for that. Might make sense, if the shipping isn’t a whole lot extra over and above the fork. I haven’t bought wheels in ages and I have a hard time knowing what good value is.