WTB: 700c 32 hole rim(s)

Looking for new/excellent condition rims for a road rebuild. Not into glued obsolete tubelessness.

Getting tired of feeling a brake track dent with every stop.

Whatcha holding ?


Otherwise, what’s a good value these days? H Plus Son ? Just buying a new wheel set and selling my hubs ?

I mean, good luck dude, this is a paceline question

Do you have a budget for your rims?

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WTH is “glued obsolete tubelessness”?

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I have a set of wheels for sale if you want to go that route

Archetype hard ano rims, 32/32, black dt revolution spokes, alloy nips I think, silver 6700 hubs



Looking to cap it at $50-$100 per rim. I’m sure shipping isn’t super cheap so PNW ideal.

$100 is pretty much any alloy rim rn.

These are dead ender rims?

So, are you looking to find something with less weight or more durability?

Grab a pair of A23s from Amazon @ $54 ea/shipped.

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What Orc said. They were like $30 each for blemished ones on the garage sale site pre-covid. $54 shipped new is a deal.

backing a23, unless you want to go all balleur with belgiums or something. Only thing anyone is going to have is like vintage box section weird shit. Which you probably don’t want. But if you do just get the modern VO ones because vintage ones don’t deal with dished rear hub tensions super well.

These fuckers are $150, might as well go carbon.

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Those A23s will fit the bill nicely. Thanks!

Did you notice that they’re NMSW?

No I didn’t. Thanks for that

Salmons and yolo.

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did they fix a23s? i remember them being super soft and denting the rim on the first ride.


Of course they’re still soft.

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