WTB moto/klunker/low rise BMX bars 22.2, 7/8"

Need some for a project. What do you have? Must be 22.2 clamp

Holy shit, nevermind, $12 shipped on eBay.

Holy shit is this what you wanted my fork for?

Yes, kinda.

I’m only selling the salsa because it’s too short and I want to replace it with one of these
This has klunker vibes written all over it

Not so much klunker vibes as the fork I’ve got is so short that I can only fit a BMX stem on it so I’m stuck with 22.2 bars.

I do want to build up a bike with klunker vibes though, but that ones getting actual old moto bars.

What did you find?

Too late I guess, but those have a shit ton of upsweep compared to BMX bars and have to be rolled way back.

They’re just for an otherwise parts bin basket bike that’s gonna live at my shop for riding to the grocery store.

Know any that don’t?

Rental makes some nice bars but also 2-3 the cost of these

Yea, I’m trying to spend as little money on this build as possible because it’ll probably just get stolen anyways.

Not at that price point, unless you buy one of those clamp-on crossbars and combine it with a Wald or Sunlite riser.

Otherwise S&M makes two models, SE Racing has a good one, and there’s a guy on eBay welding up Koski clones.

I tried out the SE Big Honkin Cruiser Bars are they’re not right for this project. Anyone want them? $35 shipped CONUS


Cool, I’ll send them out tomorrow, you know where to send the monies.


What’s the koski clone?

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I’m not positive, but I believe Kos refers to Mongoose’s Kos Kruiser and not the Koski brothers.