WTB: SRAM Road Group

Supwifes’ Merckx deserves clicky bits.

Preferably 10 speed so we can share spare parts, but mostly it just needs to be cheap and work.

We’re in no rush, but I wanted to put out feelers.

I’ve got some old rival stuff

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What generation?

And maybe how much you want for em?

I have a med cage and short cage +2 pushers, I’ll post Em and you and @ant can dither

Give me a day

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@ant @bearpants
I thought I had another clampy pusher but I can’t find it.

Short and med cage rival, long cage x9, all 1-1 activation. Bar end TT shifters give a satisfying Ka-thunk. Brakes have probably 1000km on them.

@willie_dustice it’ll be going on my road bike do I’m guessing a shirt or medium would work for me

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How much for a rear derailer