WTB: Team Bibs and Jerseys

I need a few more sets of kit. I’m riding a lot and can’t keep up with the laundry with only a couple sets.

I can’t imagine we’ll do another Tarck GB anytime soon, so are there any rad teams out there that sell kits I can buy?

Is this a thing that happens? I just want something cooler than my LBS brand on some Castelli.

Cough cough



I am planning a tarck jersey after the hats come.


The Rapha Core bibs are the cheapest I’ve ever seen them at $115.

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did they separate the core and classic line? the latter is 235

Braden, those look rad and I really want them for the price, but after shipping to Sweden and likely customs fees I’m up near $400…

Looks like I can get a Rapha Core bib and jersey for less than $200. Similar prices for stuff from Prendas.

Anyone got any thoughts on Rapha Core vs. Santini Karma Evo bibs?

there’s also the 7mesh kit but I don’t know if it comes in a team livery

Yeah, and the crago bibs are the price that the regular bibs used to be.

Oof… did not know you were in socialist nightmare EU

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damn, I haven’t owned kit in years but y’all are making me think about that rapha core kit

Unless someone has some awful review about them I’m probably getting a couple.

Not sure if it will fit you needs but I strongly recommend any cycling kit products made by Vermarc. They have some good clearance deals on the USA website.

The PI bottles are great! About to order a bunch, including some for a friend who has fled NYC for upstate this summer and is rather lacking in outdoors savvy.

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