WTB verizon fone

so i’m poor and dont wanna get a burner phone from walmart or kroger or whatever.

anyone got an old one lying around for cheaps?

androids or iphone idc.

there are still 7s and 8s on apple refurb/clearance

I’ve got a burner Verizon pay-go phone, some tiny LG Android thing. Yours if you want it.

bump, nebody got an old iphone or droid? my 5c is pooping the bed

Having just played this game with the offspring, the Moto e5 Play is probably the cheapest option. BestBuy has open box unlocked phones for < $60.

I have an old unlocked 4S, but pretty sure it’s GMT only cuz ATT/T-mobile service.

yeah, was considering moto g7 power from grandpappy walton for like $175