“Nor can you stand up on your pedals to get up that hill – if you don’t have your butt in the seat, that’s another $109.”


“Nor can you stand up on your pedals to get up that hill – if you don’t have your butt in the seat, that’s another $109.”[/quote]

Hey, you’re a scientist, please define -

Cycle without due care and attention: $109

Cycle without reasonable consideration: $109

shit, i’m guilty of all but 2 of those! must be a conservative list because i’m not a very aggressive rider in the scheme of things

the cell phone thing is spot on.
with all of the hare brained shit i see people doing in the name of keeping it real, the info tickets don’t seem like a bad idea.
but climbing out the seat?

I’m pretty sure that bit about staying astride the seat means you have to have one leg on either side of the seat… i.e. no schluffing, no riding with both feet on the handlebars, etc. So, if you’re climbing out of the saddle, you’re still astride the seat… this is not a completely absurd law. It’s worded in a confusing way, and a Vancouver Sun reporter worded it in entirely the wrong way, as requiring that you “have your butt in the seat” which would forbid climbing out of the saddle. Lots of people are WTFing about that part today… it was also commented on on fixedvancouver and

While much of this is nonsense I can’t get over one quote…

“The bell rule is totally absurd,” he said. “A bell is going to do nothing to alert a car that you’re coming. The biggest focus should be on changing behaviour of drivers.”

I think comments like this are what make people hate on cyclists. Out of all the “laws” listed there, this person went after this one?

gah… its all stoopid.

Yeah the cyclist they interviewed definitely comes off as a big douche. Oh well…

Okay, well if the reporter worded it incorrectly then that makes sense. I grabbed the link from fark but didn’t read the thread about it. I just saw it and my immediate thought was wtf gtfo

honestly, these laws were probably made up by a bunch of aggravated drivers who were sick of people passing them all the time on their morning commute, and sice they probably have more money than these cyclists, they have much more leeway. :colbert:

these laws are stupid.
thank god seattle doesn’t have anything stupid like this.
or if it does, i don’t know about it :bear: