WTF. Sorry if you've seen this.

That’s about the best thing I’ve ever seen.

mtb thread

see what you guys are missing…

I was convinced this was going to be about the guy who died after a roach-eating contest in Fla

[quote=Petr5]mtb thread

see what you guys are missing…[/quote]

lol this

That was some real bobo-ass band of horses

So, like, everything Macaskill and Akrigg can do, but on a road bike with j/a lever placement?

Watching the WD-40 made me cringe.

wd-40 makes bike stuff now

Whatever dude.

Use the WD-40 brand lubricant. No not the WD-40 brand WD-40, the WD-40 brand lubricant!

Just came in to post that. RE WD40, a lot of shops use GT85 (basically the same stuff) to wipe down bikes in that manner.

Ashton is as good as macaskill.
And yes, bros - the appeal to me is that he’s doing it on a Dogma.

Too bad about the asinine product placement, otherwise I said ‘holy shit’ and ‘no fucking way’ a few times. Love the golf course flip. Fucking ridic.

I’d be interested to know if he destroyed any frames, forks, wheels or tires in the process of making the video…or it was the same equipment throughout?

Ashton is as good as macaskill.[/quote]

Chris Akrigg uber alles ATMO

new, from WD40 Company!

TC: torn between saying BA or JA.

Both, probably.


Akrigg’s brakeless video is still my favorite JA/BA trials.

my best friend just started working as the wd-40 cx race mechanic. sure he gets the stuff for free, but after 10+ years wrenching, he says it’s really great stuff.

I think this video’s pretty good, I’d like to see more of this guy doing stuff on a real trials bike.