Yakima Hangover 4 Rack, $350

Maybe a longshot, but anyone in the Mid Atlantic area interested in this rack? We aren’t really using it much, and just got a 1Up two bike rack that is more practical.
Mostly used to store bikes when we were camping as bikes live inside the van when driving on the highway.
When attached to my Swingaway, I was able to keep it vertical with the 150mm 27.5 stumpy here and my 130mm trance 29. Vertical for trucks for sure, but vans may need first position back.
$600 msrp


You like how it holds bikes?

I have a 3 bike tray rack on the back of the minivan, but then I need to have 2 on top or inside for the whole fam. I might be interested in this.

It holds them fine, and is easy enough to load and unload.
It does require suspension forks, though. Maybe I need to add that to the listing elsewhere, as people have asked about road bikes and bmx a lot.

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Okay. That is not for my use case.

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