YONDERBOY!!! BIG TIME on front page of BikePortland.org

Yonderboy aka Jon, who’d you kill to get on the front page of bikeportland.org? haha so jeals! ha!


And I’m not even in the lane. What a jackass.

That was at the Zak Track event, which I think was my best placing ever. I was in the final round against Mike Murray after Huff ran a kilo on me and I chased him down.

Make it out for Flying 200s this year, it’ll be a good time, we missed you last year.

shralpenrose gets a facelift

are you going to race alpenrose this year douglas?

sure, if they put a roof on it. by the time they get done it’ll be september 29th


They say they’re going to have it fixed by May, but that sounds optimistic. It needs it though. So many crashes out of turn 2.

should be pdxfixed thread lol.

tarckbike is just pdxfixed for those who havent moved here yet atmo

what is pdxfixed? i nvr -> thar nomo

its dumb

Pretty sure that photographers and web designers flock to you when you own a Vigorelli or Mash Cinelli.

I just hope Jon makes it out this year, we missed him last year.