Your favorite 700x32c slicks

So, I’ve been rolling around on my Trek (see sig) with a rack and panniers lately and have become hopelessly addicted to this bike. I meant to rock it as a cross bike for awhile, but I’m starting to feel like it’s just not a beefy enough bike to withstand that kind of abuse, and I really like this frame. Also, a friend of mine might build me a dedicated cross frame sometime in the next year or so, so I want to just go all the way and make this a dedicated practical/short tour (bike camping) bike. To do so, I think I want different tires.

Right now I’m using Hutchinson Piranha 700x34 knobby cross tires. They’re pretty nice for riding trails and the like, but now that I have racks and panniers on there, I’m not so interested in riding singletrack on this bike. I ride mostly on the road and I think they’re overkill for the fire roads that make up most of the unpaved riding that this bike will see. Also, they’re lightweight cross tires without tons of puncture protection. I haven’t flatted yet, but I think I’m going to save them for when I have a real cross bike to put them on.

What experience do you have with 700x32c slick/mostly slick touring tires? What would you recommend? Needs to be 700x32 because that’s as big as my frame will allow me to fit with fenders. I’ve been looking at Panaracer and Schwalbe in particular, because I can get those at cost, but anything that is sold through QBP, BTI, J&B or Merry Sales would work too. Same story.

I love my Panracer Urban Max tires.
I’ve had em for like two years and they’ve got many many miles left on em.
Awesome tires at a great price.

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Big fan of the Schwalbe Marathons on my SS, they seem pretty much bullet proof.

Vittoria Randonneurs

I like these a lot, too. One question though: Have they stopped making the skinwall version? I can only seem to find black/black ones these days.

Yeah, these tires rule.

We have those on a couple of the xtracycles at work and they seem like a good choice as well.

Kevlar beaded Pasela TGs are fantastic. They’re relatively light, they look nice, they mount really well and the flat protection works. They’re not the best for hard cornering but that’s the nature of a high mileage touring tire. The sportier tires that Panaracer makes for Rivendell look good too, one of these days I might try them out.

Panaracer T-Serves have a real good reputation.

I rode Conti Top Touring 32s for a while. They had a nice tread and showed very little wear.