Your Favorite Tire + Some Recommendations

What is it and why? What otehr tires would you suggest? Which ones gives you the best grip on the road and carves knee dragging corners like they ain’t shit? Which ones rolls like friction is a fairy tail? Which one laughs at rocks and says, “fuck you” to glass? Which one is the best value for the money?

My suggestions for cheapo tires?

Vittoria Zaffiro 700x23c for your cheapie, cheapie needs. They’re durable, have decent road grip and corner well. They’re also only $13/ea. on good days at Performance.

Continental Ultra Sport 700x23c are also good n cheap and are awesome for the money. The cornering on these things is sick and rolling resistance is a joke. Maybe not as durable as a Zaffiro though. I get mine at Performance for around $16/ea. usually.

Yesterday I moved on to try out the Serfas Seca RS that I got for $25/ea. at Sun & Ski. They were on sale from $34 so I grabbed a pair as I blew out a sidewall on one of my Conti’s the day before. I haven’t tried these out yet but going purely based on reviews out there, I didn’t make a poor choice. I’ll let you know how it goes.

These all felt the same to me:

Michelin Dynamic 700x23
Michelin Speedium 700x23
Continental Ultra Sport 700x23
Specialized Armadillo 700x23
Panaracer Stradius Pro 700x23 (felt fine until they literally fell apart after 2 months, so I don’t recommend these)
IRC Triathlon 27x1

I just grab whatever the shop has when I run over a razor blade.

oh I did run a pair of Kendas that came stock on my road bike that were total crap. Felt fine on the road but you could really feel the lack of traction in the rain and snow.

I rolled the Armadillo 700x23 on my steamroller for about four months and was not subject to a single flat in that time. It was amazing, those things are impenitrable. The downside is that they feel like they’re not uniform all the way around and have a lumpy hoppy feeling to them that felt horrible to ride on. I don’t miss them at all.
That said, I have the armadillo 700x25 on my road bike and they don’t suffer from the same lumpy feeling.

I’m currently running Conti ultra gatorskinz on the 'roller and I love em to death. They make riding on rough pavement feel like riding on a sheet of sticky glass, I feel like I go faster with less effort than on the 'dillos.
I feel like the Skinz don’t hold a corner as well though as the actual rolling surface stopps pretty high on the crown of the tire.

On my schwinn I run Panracer Urban Max 700x38 which, for a big fat tire roll pretty damn fast. They hold a corner as if they were actually digging into the pavement and for cheapass tires have been remarkably durable and long lived. I’d run them on all my bikes if they came in smaller sizes.

I only ride Vittoria Evo Corsa CX tubulars. Carry around a Rally for a spare. Anyone who rides tubulars and only have ridden on cheap “training tires” should definitely give these a try.

I’ve been running Randos for commuting for a few years. Not the most supple ride, but cheap and bulletproof. If they came in 700x25 or 700x23 I would have them on a few more bikes.

I like the Michelin carbon tires fairly well.

I had these, and HATED them,

Gatorskins were waaaay better, but admittedly more pricey.

I liked riding my bike more after I got rid of the Zaffiros though.

Oh yeah I have a Zaffiro too. 27x1. Sitting in my basement till my girlfriend’s Miyata tires blow out (they’re 20 years old but look and ride like brand new).

I rode a zaffiro into the ground once. They are really nice on dry pavement but it rained for about 20 minutes that day and I had no traction whatsoever. Every time it rains and I feel sketched out, I remember that I run continentals now and everything’s a-okay. I used to only run a gatorskin on the rear and an IRC redstorm classic on the front, but I’m low on money and ultrasports are actually the cheapest slick tire I can get in toronto, so dual ultrasports for me.

nother ultrasport fanboy, havent really ran much else. i rode a squared off zaffiro for a day, and it had the mushy not solid feel of low TPI.

next tire though, i want a shwalbe Lugano, even if its just to enjoy that “ZZZZZIP” sound you get when you skid.+ theyre only 20$ @ urbane.

bontrager hardcases. fairly puncture resistant, and takes a while to skid out (it took me about 3 months). plus you can change bontrager to boner.

700x23 GP4000 in the front
700x25 Ultra Gator in the back.

I like my Maxxis Re-Fuse.

Loving my Rubino Pros.

Rubino Pros are good and cheap.

my newest love are maxxis detonator. terrible name for a great tire.

Randos fo lyfe…

Pro Race 3 up front, Gatorskin in back.

Rubino Pros on the aggressive bike
Gatorskins on the not so aggressive bike

Continental Grand Prix 4000 up front and Soma Everwear in back.

Everwear is scary sometimes on sharp turns, but it really is skid and flat proof it seems. I’ve been running it at the full psi, 140.