Your riding history?

I started riding when I was about 5-6 it was on a little schwinn 16inch bike. I rode this until I was big enough to ride a old kent bmx bike that we had in our shed, this was where my passion for riding really took off. I grew up on a dead end street that was 7 houses long with a major road that it connected to; this road had no sidewalks so basically my parents had me trapped on this road for a long time. My two other friends who lived on the street were the only people I knew who liked to ride bikes. We would go from 9am to 9pm every day in the summer building ramps out of 2x4’s and plywood; they weren’t more than 2ft high probably but since there wasn’t and traffic the entire street would be lined with them. Then when I was in fourth grade I got a dyno zone, it was the most badass bike ever. I’ve still got the frame. I rode that for a couple years until I got a haro track or trail 2.4(i think thats what it was called) but I never really liked the bike due to it’s bmx race geometry. I broke my hand so I started skateboarding and didn’t ride seriously for a year or two. But around this time my parents would let me off the street and I quickly realized that I wanted a street bike, so I bought a hoffman rhythm il2. I loved this bike and it’s probably got the most ride time out of any bike I’ve owned. In highschool we had mountain biking as a class so I obviously took that, I had never ridden a mountain bike up to this point, well needless to say I dominated the class. So for my 16th birthday/Christmas/future graduation present I got a used Specialized stumpjumper fsr expert.

This, however, was short lived as I couldn’t afford to repair it with spec or better than spec parts whenever something broke. So I sold it for $500 more than I got it for. I used the extra money to buy a ironhorse yakuza hardatail which was insanely fun but about a year later I traded it for a gary fisher sugar +3 which was boring as hell, but it did climb really good. Over the summer I needed a bike to get back and forth from work so my dad gave me his old late 70’s 5 speed schwinn. I realized how much I loved riding it so I gave it an over haul and my friend and I were doing 30-50 miles every day in the summer on old trash picked bikes. I sold the gary fisher when I went to college and built up a azonic steelhead as a urban bike for life in the city. Of course after emptying my bank account on that bike I decide to transfer to a school in FL. So looking for something cheap, reliable and singlespeed I figured I should try out this “track” thing that everybody raves about. So hear I am.

How long have you guys been riding? Has it always been a major part of you or are you just part of the fad?

For the tldr people:
I’ve been riding longer than you bandwagon jumping hipsters :bear:

Rode a crappy coaster braking BMX when I was a wee lad, treated it like crap. Begged my parents for an 18-speed, treated it like crap.

Stopped riding for the better part of 10 years, started working in the city, bought a $400 Norco hybrid, eyes were opened. Moved to the city, got a better job, built up a fixed gear because I wanted something lighter, more agile, faster, and more challenging. It is. I love it. Haven’t been riding very long, but if I’m part of the fad, I’m doing a piss-poor job of it because my bike is about as toned-down as they come. Black on silver with a splash of antique brown (stripe on saddle, TT protector). My wheels are machined, by drops are road, I wear a helmet, I have a brake. Not exactly tarck as fuck.

i learned to ride with no training wheels at five. started doing little jumps shortly after. i did bmx racing when i was 11 and 12 then starting skating. at 15 my friends and i realized we could go farther away to skate if we rode 10 speeds. i bought a slightly nicer road bike and commuted to work where i earned money to buy a crappy mountain bike. then i got a car and rode considerably less. i started commuting again this year by bike and wanted a new bike. i wasnt sure if i was going to get a new mountain bike or not. while looking, they had a complete iro on price point for $600 and i wanted that but it was back ordered so i bought my kilo tt.

rode BMX till i broke my shoulders around 18. got into road bikes about 7 years ago or so, and it went downhill from there.

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I’m 35 now.

I started out like most kids with some form of coaster brake bike at around 5, upgraded to a bmx bike a couple years later, then jumped on the mountain bike bandwagon at 10 when I outgrew the bmx bike. I wanted something with gears, but didn’t want something that would limit me to pavement like a road bike, so I tried out one of those newfangled mountain bikes. I rode it till it fell apart and bought a new Raleigh mtb in 1989 (junior in HS).

I rode that bike through college and took it to places like Pisgah in Western NC. I got my degrees, got a job, and got a Klein in 1997. I rode that for a few years, did some racing, etc, then kind of stepped away from the sport in 2000 when I changed jobs, got married, started a family, etc.

After hanging in the garage for a couple years, the bike rack fell over and dumped our bikes on top of our SUV while we were on vacation. My first thought as I cleaned up the mess was “I hope the bike isn’t damage…why? I don’t ride anymore”. I decided then to start riding again and have been putting in the miles since (just over 2yrs now).

I picked up road riding in order to maintain my fitness during the winter when the trails are so messy around here. Riding wet trails is bad, mmkay. I also switched to a SSFG mtb. After doing the road thing for a year and SSFG offroad, I decided to give FG a try on pavement, which is why I built the bike in my other thread.

In the past two years, I’ve been putting in 1500-2000 miles per year and have ridden the MS150 each of those years. The 2nd time around, I did the 2 day 140 mile option (100 on sat, 40 on Sun). If I can work out the logistics, I’ll be riding my new FG bike in the Seagull Century next month.

Even though I started out my “serious” cycling career as mountain biker, but I’ve come to enjoy road riding just as much. My preference is for longer road rides. If time allowed, I’d ride more centuries.


I invented the bicycle and it just went downhill from there.

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i was concieved and born on a bicycle.

it was a painful labor for my mother.

My thread was way better :colbert:

I’ve been riding longer than you bandwagon jumping hipsters :bear:[/quote]

but i’ve been posting here longer…eat a dick…i win

I’ve been riding longer than you bandwagon jumping hipsters :bear:[/quote]

but i’ve been posting here longer…eat a dick…i win[/quote]

Honestly I don’t care how long you’ve been riding, I think it’s great to see a twice as many people on bikes than you normally would.

Joke - Something said or done to evoke laughter or amusement.

dude tarck is serious business, theres no time to joke