Zach rides BY HIMSELF!

And I was there! I set him up on the wife MTB at a seldom used paved path. He was scooting around, one foot on the ground one on a pedal. I said try pedaling and he rode away!..And back,… I was horrified as he wizzed by me at about 15 mph after a few minutes…(kept my mouth shut*)

Later he hooked the handle bar on a railing on a foot bridge and got his first bike related road rash. Bike gloves and helmet protected his hands and coconut but his knee has a big red badge. He got right back on a rode for another 20 minutes.

:bear: happy for my boy.

  • one of the hardest things I’ve done.

that is awesome! congrats

edit: i taught myself how to ride a bike when i was 18 and change (about 18 months ago) and it was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life


Similar but different I looked over and saw my daughter pedaling and steering her tricycle, usually one of us is there encouraging her but this time she was all alone. I was pretty amped.

so awesome! congrats, Zach!!!

congrats to everyone–zach, tepr, scrubs daughter. this thread rules.

this was the happiest thing I have read all day, no make that all week! Will he be getting his own bike now?

fuck yes. :bear:

next up: barspins

i hope you ordered him a tarck kit.

fucking yes

Yes, congrats to all who learn to ride! :bear: :bear: :bear: Seeing him ride off, so good. I thought it was beyond him…

I’ve got a DMR Dirt jump frame I’m going to build up single speed up for him.

This is such a big step of freedom and Independence for all of us. Those first strokes brought me back to my first.

First I was stoked and then I was envious. First bike is a DJ singlespeed? HFY.


[quote=kowloon]fuck yes. :bear:

next up: barspins[/quote]


Hey, I might loose my favorite stoker…

i <3 daddy today :slight_smile:


Hey, I might loose my favorite stoker…[/quote]

HFY = hell fucking yes



[quote=wotan][quote=kowloon]fuck yes. :bear:

next up: barspins[/quote][/quote]

high fives!

Awesome! I bet it’s scary how fast he’s going since you’ve been doing the tandem rides with him and built those muscles.