1/8 chain + 3/32 chainring = the noise?

Wondering if this combo is gonna be noise or will wear out the chainring prematurely.
Never tried it but may buy a badass ring and its 3/32. :frowning:

The Earth will implode.
Don’t do it.

with the help of a few others robonuts and i wrote this up special for you!


it’ll be louder. i went from a 3/32 cog to a 1/8 cog and it was quieter. nothing serious though.

shouldn’t be too much noisier if your chainline is spot on. Running a 1/8 chain on 3/32 chainring & cog is good if its off by 1mm or so. chain wear will be mildly accelerated.

I used a 1/8" chain with a 3/32" chainring once. It worked fine and wasn’t particularly noisy, but the chainring teeth deformed (widened) so much that they wouldn’t even fit into the links of a 3/32" chain. Dunno what the deal was with that, but I’ve never had this problem when using correctly matched chain and chainring.

Maybe it was a cheapo chainring?

My friend has a bowery that comes stock with the 1/8th on 3/32nd cog/cr and his setup is quite noisy. Those bikes have four fucking brake levers and handlebars wider than a condor’s wingspan.

Im feeling reluctant now.

run a 3/32 chain.

you only ever take pics of the bike anyways. :colbert:


I dont have a chain cause i dont ride bikes.
I had been photoshopping the chain in later…
Maybe its time to get a chain and a cog. :frowning:

I ran a 1/8 chain and cog with a 3/32 chainring for almost 2 years with no damage to the ring and no significant noise.
the chain tracks just fine with that setup, but would be considerably louder with a 3/32 cog and ring and a 1/8 chain.

I’ve done it (3/32 chainring, everything else 1/8) without problems or noticably loud noises. But if you’re worried buy a 3/32 sprocket for the rear then it’ll be lighter (and in most cases quieter) than it’s ever been.

my chainring is a shimano 600 from the 80’s, 3/32 with a 1/8 izumi chain and 1/8 rosselli cog…fucking silent…

Maybe it was a cheapo chainring?[/quote]

Thinking about it now…yes, it was a cheapo ring, a Vuelta I believe. It was probably softer than than piglet shit.

1/8" chain and chainring, 3/32" cog.
it’s fine.
noise is pretty low. not any worse than 1/8" cog is/was.

All last winter I road around using a 1/8" chain on a 3/32" cog and chainring, and I have no damage to show for it. It’ll be fine.

[quote=“deathhare”]I dont have a chain cause i dont ride bikes.
I had been photoshopping the chain in later…
Maybe its time to get a chain and a cog. :([/quote]

i knew it!


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