$110,000 Swarovski Gold-Plated Tarck Bike


…every visible surface plated with 24-carat gold and adorned with more than 600 swarovski crystals.

Limited edition! You can be one of just 10 lucky owners for a mere $110,000! (or 80,000 capital e’s)

tarckbike groupbuy?

if we all take out loans, we might be able to afford half of it given our various financial and the current economic status.

or maybe artblur can just make one for free. (to us, not free to him)

i demand gold tires and grips and saddle

At that price they could have at least filled in the brake hole with solid gold.

WTF no deep v’s!!! :bear:

I have two of these.

I’m parting one out because I don’t need two. I have the frame & fork left. Yours for $75k. PayPal me.

who the fuck chooses the bikes they are gonna shell out that much for? they couldn’t pick something nice…without an anus in the fork crown?

this is my answer to the what would you do with a million dollars thread. i’d buy like 5 and have one be my beater, straight track, good weather bike, and then have two around for parts and show.

oh shit

time to craigslist my silver-plated conversion

For that price you’d think they could level the saddle.

Setting aside that it is dipped in gold, it doesn’t look all that nice.

Seriously, mutant stem, converted road double cranks, and a fucking brooks b-17. How about a swallow or something, you cheap pricks?

also no brakes + no foot retention = jackass

gold or steel, that bike is fucking ugly and poorly built.

artblur posted this a week or two ago.

yeah well my post is better

meh, it’d make an okay beater.

yeah it actually is.

it must weight a shit ton. Maybe Kanye West will buy this bike next.