1998(?) Santa Cruz chameleon "xlarge"

Kind of has a lot of overlap with my yeti for dumb 20 year old dirty jumper, and I’m moving in a couple months so going to attempt thinning out the junk I’ll be driving out of Colorado

Seat tube was cracking around the slot, so it was cut and (poorly) reslotted. Makes this xl fit like a current medium.

It’s gonna need a better rear skewer, the open cam isn’t great for holding the wheel for single speed. I don’t know where one can find der hangers for this. Handlebars are comically narrow, like 580

More details if wanted, it’s $120 picked up in Aurora CO. Will consider shipping but shelter in place means local preferred.

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How progressive is the geometry?



1998, rides like 2003

1" or 1 1/8"?

1 1/8", 27.2 seatpost (rare dropper possibilities)

Goddamnit someone buy this so I don’t. So much cooler than my converted Cannondale, I wish I had an excuse to buy it.

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If anybody needs a 27.2, external routed dropper for this I’ve got one that I’ll let go for cheap

Can I buy your dropper not for this bike? If so, tell me more about your dropper.

I’ll jump in line on that

Nvm, the 27.2 was apparently spoken for a couple weeks ago, sorry. But I am looking at a 31.6 in external routingway if anybody needs a cheap one of those.

Can I have the 27.2?

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I called dibs first on the nonexistent 27.2.

I have a shitty 27.2 dropper at my mom’s house

$160, comes with a free santa Cruz chameleon

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Is it threadless?

There’s threadless droppers now? This is truly an age to behold.

Fine I’ll keep the bike