2 jerseys, fistful of Loonies I can only have one but which

okay I get a special price for this jersey when i register for cmwc, which one is better looking? I am 5’9" 165 pounds not muscley but not flabby, kind of normal but have decent shoulder size. no paunch stomach to suck in

jersey 1 is green

jeresy 2 is Grey

please dont say you cant have if you dont messenger, they say in the store to buy to support the mesenger event and i am going to be there anyway so why not? I have a messenger bag too
my first instinct said green but grey is pretty nice too looking at both what is your first feeling

I’d go green but thats because I look sexy in green.

buy bike parts

Do Americans know what “loonies” are?

Loonies are the Canadian dollar coin.


hell yeah. but i can also see canada from my apartment.

You should throw things at it.

i only knew because i had a fling with a canadian girl

she stole my hat :colbert:

I went for the T shirt option, as I’m not a fan of looking like a rolling billboard, no matter what the logos may be.

And tees have treated me well for as long as I can remember.

tees are okay, i think they give me one with registration maybe but i will probably buy one if tehy have it. but I have a nice jersey collection going, cool weather jerseys with nice lines and wool jerseys for fall and winter.

Once you start with racing you never go back to wearing tshirts for a long ride cotton anywhere on your body will chaff and leave you sore after 60 miles of a century ride, miserable for the last 40 miles. besides that tehy look good and probably the money goes to a messenger cause or to pay for race

I have many “plain” ish jerseys from racing, because you cannot race in a team jersey that you do not belong too i have never bought the real “nascar” jerseys that you would not like, plain is harder to find, but at least most wool jerseys are plain

i only knew because i had a fling with a canadian girl

she stole my hat :colbert:[/quote]

This is an act of war.

Do the grey one.
And fuck loonies, I’m all about twonies(twoonie/toonie). Thats a fucking great idea right there.

^^^ When they came out my friend was trying to get everyone to call them “Poleies”… didn’t stick. I vote green… do it for the bear!