2010 Shiner GHASP

Anyone interested in riding the Shiner GHASP ride?

Both Houston to Shiner and Austin to Shiner routes. ~100mi each.
May 1st 2010
If register by April-ish it’s $40.

SHIT. I just realized that is the Saturday of Tark Prom 2: Laustin Austin weekend. Hmmm… any ideas?
People interested in making this part of the weekend?

wait, we already decided that tarck prom 2 was in austin?
what happened to minneapolis?

it seems to make more sense to me that summer event is in a place that has a cold winter, and vice versa

huh… I dunno I thought so. 2 relevant threads.

tarck midwest meet up

Tarck Prom 2.0: Laust’in Austin April 30-May 2

Yes Austin has been decided for tarckprom. The end of April isn’t summer anyway, not quite. Perfect time to ride bikes.