2016 Liv Obsess Advanced, Medium, $old

The wife’s pretty bike must find a new home, for it doesn’t deserve to be stored in the basement. Someone must ride it! (Her interests are more in going downhill super fast now)
Used primarily to train for (and then crush) the Wilderness 101, the Obsess lived a life of gravel, mixed in with a few teeth-chattering descents (but mostly gravel). Fox Float Evolution CTD with lockout on the bars. FIT4
SLX shifters, SLX rear mech, SLX Brakes
sram front mech (a 2x, oh my!)
11-36 10s cassette
Pink ESI grips
Perhaps one of the nicest paint schemes Liv has ever done
Stans Crest wheels (way lighter than the dumpster stock ones)


I’m going to be in the market for a hardtail in a couple months, but I need a large :frowning:

Buy this and sell the frame. Then get an explosif steel or something.

jeez new guy, posting stuff for sale on your first day?

Second day. Also wanted to test drag and drop feature.

couldn’t have been selling this like 3 months ago man?

I mean, we could have. It was sitting in the basement the whole time. :frowning: