2018: A Year in Bicycles

Post your thoughts about what bike like was like for you in AD 2018. Highlights, lowlights, …midlights?

The good:
-did a few 200ks with Braden’s crew
-got into a semiregular habit of cranking out centuries on weekends with open time
-got my older road bike refurbished, set it up to be very fun for short rides
-set up a new cargo bike, loving the longjohn format so far
-enjoyed a lot of the articles published in Cycling Tips and Cycling About
-enjoyed good quality multimedia coverage of the Transcontinental
-NuTarck got me back to the poster’s life.

The bad:
-I did one 200k while recovering from food poisoning. It was hard.
-I still haven’t sold my old cargo bike
-minor but persistent position issues, or maybe I’m middle aged and my body hurts more now
-bike / part storage is still a total mess
-I kept riding up this cobblestone ramp I always fall on, kept falling on it.

The …???
-general sense of detachment from the bike industry and most popular bike culture
-some bike articles drafted, some media projects started, nothing finished.
-more motivated to practice yoga than ride bikes half the time



  • went on longest ride in three years (25 miles lol)
  • excited to get out of bed and ride before work and on weekends
  • did two days on the Colorado Trail and shit that was hard but awesome
  • built my commuter into a bike that makes me forget about all my other bikes
  • sold a bunch of parts I would never use again
  • working in the industry again, in a much more healthy way than the first time


  • missed the cutoff on selling one bike this year so it’s gonna have to wait til spring
  • I feel like I broke way more parts than normal this year
  • my fitness is total garbage


  • don’t care cause having fun?
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Kids are riding well
Exploring local ‘trails’ with family that are more like flat pine needle covered derpy things I wouldn’t bother with on a mtn bike.
Took the drops and the shit fork off the Soma and like it a lot more now
Didn’t get to bmx enough with the kids
Didn’t ride enough in summer, seemed like it was wet every weekend.
Hardly had any projects going this year.
Don’t care about upgrading anything?
I think most of my personal bike time would be better spent at the gym next year

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I don’t think I’ve put on my bibs or clippy shoes all year. But I ride every day. Sold my bmc cross bike which i regret but I never rode it. Still have my road bike, will I ever ride it?? Feeling good about my flat pedal rim brake chill bikes though. And selling my parts stock and being less consumed by bikes and projects.

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At the beginning of the year, I had one fully functional bike and other bikes that I could get working if I swapped parts. At the end of the year, I have 6 fully functional bikes in my apartment. Not really sure if this is a HY or WTH.

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That’s a HY.

This year the kid learned to pedal bike, and I rode my fast bike once. I rode the xtracycyle about 100 miles total, or all the time around town. I need a sw8 hybrid.

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Yeah, but my apartment went from having a reasonable number of bikes in it to looking like a bike mess. Need storage solutions.

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Who is complaining?

Ouch. That’s rough dude.

I had an apartment like that and I shared it with my wife, so it’s not a problem unless you make it one.

I figured you were making a joke about no one ever seeing the inside of my apartment except for me. Which is basically true for the last year.

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I had a pretty good 2018 In Bike. Built myself my first custom/dream bike. Did a few rides that were my longest ride ever. Getting read to take the aforementioned dream bike on a dream trip to Oaxaca to close out the year.


Good: feeling as strong as ever right now, didn’t buy any new bikes because I’m feeling pretty satisfied with the bikes I have

Bad: don’t go on many/any long/non-commuting rides, might not beat last year’s mileage total (though it will be very close), feeling a little burned out on bike commuting at this point in the year

Undecided: kinda want to build a new bike but I think that’s just a function of being bored and wishing I’d engage in some retail therapy


For me:


  1. built a fat tire (forcvo “fat”; 650×47b) bike that doesn’t feel like I’m climbing into a monster truck when I ride it.
  2. started reading tarck again.


  1. depression and trying to nail down medications for high blood pressure did a horrible number on my desire for randonerdery this year, and now I’m woefully out of shape so it’s going to be clawing my way out of a really deep hole from next month on.

I am glad you did!


i did not have a great year in bike
i did get reasonably fit and fast and the few cyclocross races i managed to do were successful and fun
other than that i worked and traveled (for work) WAY too much and had minimal desire to ride during the rare times I was home
but it worked and now i am kind of one of the bosses so hopefully next year i can ride more!

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I rode pelotonia again. Did the 200 miler and raised a lot of money for cancer. Which is hy.

Didn’t ride as much as I wanted but still did a few k.

Back into frame building and ramping up my shop to be a notch more professional. Adding tools as I need them because I have a job that lets me afford that big money pit that is framebuilding.

Started talking to an engineer about designing a full suspension bike and fab methods. Expect more on that in 2020

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Got off grid ditherer built
Rode a series

Dnfd a 200 and a 400
Don’t have all the money I want to spend on a calfee

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Won a gravel race
Did a 300k
Made new bike friends and went on a fun overnight to Chattanooga
Rode 25% of the roads inside the perimeter of Atlanta

Missed a quarter of my race season due to severe depression
Destroyed 3 of the 6 tubeless tires I purchased this year due to pinch flats
Lost a bike friend who moved away
Giro shoes disintegrated 2 weeks after warranty period expired

Getting laid off from my office job made me want to ride less???

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