$350 Lugged Frame with Track Ends

Don’t know if anyone cares, but these are looking pretty cheap. + free ship.


Those Premium Brew frames are really nice looking. The complete SE PB is something like $800 - $900 in shops? Its a nice looking bike frame.

Same thing here for cheaper, no SE logo, and still free shipping.

http://bikeisland.com/cgi-bin/BKTK_STOR ... rodID=1100

It’s road geometry.

Must be garbage then. :colbert:

Yeah, just sayin - the people that want lugs on a track frame also almost always want no brake guides and steeper than 72/73 angles.

yup. their 52 has a longer top tube that Alien’s 53, and a slacker head tube angle. that said, it’s still a pretty good deal, and a nice upgrade from your 70’s gaspipe bike-shaped-object.

people like me.

still a cool frame for what it is.

are there any new sub-$400 lugged steel track frames?

apart from Alien, i don’t think so. the only other ones i can come up with off the top of my head are Sparton and that path-racer style Bikesdirect frame, and neither of those has particulary steep angles.

those wood be cool for a single speed touring bike

Alien GB at BF is $325 shipped to your door, in black or white PC.

There will be a raw option too.

Then there is the Alien GB2 going on here for $265, no finish and not including shipping.

I want to know what the BF GB unfinished frameset will go for…

ah yes sparton. i was just looking at their site and still somehow forgot. might actually go that route - as long as its relatively cheap and track legal.

i’d say that’s probably not too good of an idea, man. i know lugs are sexy and all but if you’re prepared to pay 80 bucks more for a heavy ass frame over the BD kilo frames i’d say that’s too much to sacrifice.

yeah. i really want this one for a 3-speed fixed build with a velo orange porteur rack up front.

That would be a tasty build for sure.