50 Frozen Miles Sunday.....

Well, I was out of town this weekend, and among other things, did a 50 mile ride Sunday morning…at 32℉. I did the ride on my road bike, which felt decidedly weird since I’ve been riding fixed all month. My spin and cadence is greatly improved though. :wink: The folk I was riding with commented on how I NEVER stopped pedaling for the first 30 miles, other than at the only SAG stop on the ride.

First thing that happened, getting ready to drive to the start, I had to scrape the van to see. :0 Yep, it’s that time of year. The Ride was in Roanoke, Indiana, and sponsored by Kohlinger’s, a bike shop in Fort Wayne. It’s called “The Jersey Ride”. You get a special jersey for this ride, and it’s pretty cool. I should actually have it by Christmas, as my Aunt ordered the jersey for me as a XMas present early…sweet lady, I can tell ya!

I’d have gotten video, but it was so cold, my batteries in the bar cam died in about 4 minutes and the video files got corrupted and are unviewable. :frowning: It’s too bad, because you can see frost glistening on the road in the rising sun. IT WAS COLD! I also needed a set of earwarmers (which I didn’t have! :(). I got the most hellacious earache on the first part of the ride that I considered bailing on it. It was actually causing my whole jaw to hurt. Fortunately, another rider at the SAG stop had some Ibuprofen (better living through chemistry :p), and I was able to continue, after I also stuck some cotton in the ear to close off the ear canal from the wind.

Coming back inbound, I had 22 miles of an 15-20 mph headwind. In short, the ride was your basic “Deathmarch”…my favorite kind. :smiley:

Total Miles: 50.6
Time riding: 2:45
Avg Pace, 18.18 miles/Hr.
Start temperature: 32 F
End temperature: 51F

This was after working all day Saturday, pulling boats out of the water and getting things set up for winter up at the lake.

After ride meal: Brats and Baked Beans. Very good post ride meal, I’l tell ya, and they had brats aplenty! I was STARVED!

You sir are the manliest of men. Congrats to you.

sounds awesome. i did about twenty-five yesterday miles in perfect fall weather (65℉ & sunny) wearing dickies knickers and a wool jersey. i didn’t wear my gloves although about halfway through i wished i did as a front moved in and the temperture dropped a little. me and my friend did it fixed, he just started riding fixed, and we hit some ridges that are pretty much mountains–central pennsylvania ridges are so high and steep and then drop right off, he was dying on the downhill.

good times, i can’t wait until the fall comes into full swing and i ride more on weekends. summer riding is a bitch with the crotch discomfort and all.

I was wearing a wind shell, a Fleece, some Sugoi Winter knicks and wool socks, as well as full finger gloves and I really, really really wish I’d had either the ear warmers or a balaclava.

It was 32 in indiana this weekend?
It was like 55 here in chi. I went mountain biking in shorts and a long sleve polypro shirt.

as miserable the conditions sound, it sounded like a fun ride, and i’m kind of really jealous because the weather here is still hot

Yeah, over in the NE Corner it was nasty cold in the morning. It did warm up to 51,but the ride started in the cold part.

The wind was wrapped around from the NE. Lake Michigan would have had a mojor moderating efect fot the Windy City and kept you a lot warmer…

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]It was 32 in indiana this weekend?
It was like 55 here in chi. I went mountain biking in shorts and a long sleve polypro shirt.[/quote]

Yeah, It never really gets cold here.

Are you doing the Hilly, Tom?

dang… today it was like 65/70 in wisco. i rode in a short sleeve jersey all day. funny weather 'round these parts, eh?

it’s 81 right now at 9:30pm here in austin. i want the cold.

tom, you are really the manliest of men. i would have been shivering my bike into the ditch and crying like a baby.

Jim, you need to get the hell out of texas.

I was about 15 minutes away from you that morning riding on a goddamn greens mower. You lucky bastard! I never hear about rides around here until they happen, but I don’t have a road bike. Hit me up if you want to tark around the mean streets of Fort Wayne.

Not this year. I’m planning on next year, though definitely. [quote=“bonechilling”]Are you doing the Hilly, Tom?[/quote]

Yep, Lafayette is where I live. I go to Purdue U, over across the river in West Lafayette.[quote=“doofo”]Do you live in Indiana Tom?[/quote]

Where, in the Sycamore Hills Golf Course? If so, we were at some point that weekend about 30 seconds apart.

Yeah, next time I’m up in the Fort, we’ll hook up for a ride. Sounds great to me!

By the way, there was at least one fixed gear in the ride, and he was hauling his kids ina bike trailer. Tough rider! Some of those hills over in Whitley County were nasty. (Not West Coast or Appalachian Nasty, but still nasty

Sorry anbout the double post, all, I was trying to edit in a part and hit the wrong button. :colbert:

I rode like 14 miles yesterday. It was about 62 degrees. I almost cried a little and I puked into my mouth.

But seriously, good job. I hate when people don’t ride because “It’s too cold” or “It’s raining”.


Punch yourself in the dick for saying “puked in my mouth.” I will forever hate dodgeball for that line, and every person who ever utters it.

Punch yourself in the dick for saying “puked in my mouth.” I will forever hate dodgeball for that line, and every person who ever utters it.[/quote]

That line goes back way farther than that.