54cm EAI Bareknuckle

After a long hiatus from Tarck, I’ve lost my login credentials, so pardon the suspect post history/user name.

I don’t know if anyone here still rides/wants track frames, but I’ve got a 54cm EAI Bareknuckle, currently built with some sort of mismatched dEeP vEeZ, and sugino something or other cranks, and risers. Frame was originally pepto pink, re-painted flat brown before I bought it, and I further uglified it with some wood grain shelf paper on the top tube - well ridden, has a nickel sized ding in the downtube.

It’s been in a garage, and I don’t even know if these frames are worth anything, but figured it was worth a try here (any insight on what a fair price might be is more than appreciated!)

At my folks’ place, but I’ll try and track down some photos, could potentially deliver in the PNW.

V. Tarck (in the literal sense)


wow welcome back, no one’s name is the same

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My name is the same.
I always thought @frankstoneline2 was @frank_doktor and I always wanted a Bareknuckle, but this one’s too small and I’m too old to ride a track bike.

Me. I’ll take it. Been looking for one for years.

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Where are you located? I imagine shipping a bike still costs an arm and a leg? i’ll grab it next time I visit my folks place and we can chat logistics/moneez

94619, just let me know.