54cm Merz Sequoia, #100/200

There’s exposed stainless steel for one of the chainstays, and that’s all that Speshy guarantees as gfar as sweet steel planing by their product description. That aside, this bike is, how you ma say, peretty good.

It comes stock with a SRAM Force 1 group. I swapped out the misogynistic seatpost for a Whisky whatever and, since the stock Cruzero wheels were absolute dog shit, I had them warrantied for Open Pro USTs laced to Shimano R770 hubs.

I rode this a handful of times and took it camping once - I’d love to keep it, but I’m poor again.

Asking $2500 shipped in conti US - comes with custom Swift seatpack roll, Certificate, and Speshy enamel pin. Does not come with pictured: pedals, frame bag, Garmin. Want the bird cages? go on and have them.

Does it come with the penne

haha guess I’ll be uploading new pics too once I’m off my phone

can i at least see the penne?

I would like more information on the penne

is it still penne? asking honestly

It isn’t, that’s why I’m asking about the penne

I am once again asking for your penne

penne included for no additional charge

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