58cm Serotta road frame RAFFLE !!!!

EDIT: don’t forget to put your forum name in the subject of the paypal thing.
also, doofo you got spot in my heart so you got spot in my raffle.

so my new road frame has arrived safely from down under.

that means it’s time to raffle the serotta frame and fork.
Serotta Nova Special X
Columbus SLX tubing, your standard road race geometry, not too steep, be good for long rides too, barely any toe overlap at all.
58cm ctc seat tube
57 or 57.5 cm ctc top tube
1" threaded fork
126mm rear spacing
english threaded
purple to white fade paint

i’m going to cut this off when i get to 20-22 people and lets say a $15 price to enter. if i draw your name i pack up the frame and fork carefully and ship it to you…maybe if i’m feeling nice i’ll throw an extra part or two in the box also.

paypal to jmpiwonka (at) yahoo (dot) com

oh yeah, i can’t get on here too much at work now, i’ll post a list of all the people that are in when i get home or something.

here is the list, i’ll continue to update in an untimely manner:

  1. vegwerm
  2. lot_22
  3. supervillain
  4. frankstoneline
  5. kowloon
  6. mander
  7. james mcCullen
  8. doofo
  9. ternitoff
  10. tarckeemoon
  11. yeaux
  12. boneless
  13. dumpsterlife
  14. icknayvon
  15. antcave
  16. fromunda
  17. tarkcvader
  18. omi
  19. bearcountry
  20. halbritt

No pics?
This raffle sucks.

worst raffle ever.

no one send this guy $15.

I’m in.
If nothing else, just to promote raffle culture

here is the bike you penises
can i be in or will you guys be mad if i win again?

too big for me

i’m in… accidentally put my name in the message instead of the subject.

[quote=“dooktruck”]here is the bike you penises
can i be in or will you guys be mad if i win again?

if you win again… i’m flying you to vegas


I’ll be in!

for clarity, 1 spot only per person? or…

for now only one spot per person.

post up a list of the slots?
And will there be documentation of the draw?

A few cm small. 'Tis a shame, as that thing looks to be real nice.

in, paid.

i’m not really in its too big for me and i don’t wanna go to the trouble of ebaying
plus you guys would say it was rigged

In, paypal sent
Thanks for doing this piwonka!

That’s the vag that i sent paypal to anyway.

if i win this thing i cant wait to shave it down and convert that shit… soo in!!