59cm Diamondback Haanjo carbon, Hunt carbon wheels, Quarq, Force 1x11

Kind of a feeler/gauging interest situation I guess. I haven’t ridden this bike since I got my Factor and there is very little gravel where I live so there’s not much reason to keep it, but I also don’t have any particular reason to get rid of it.

I can go into all the details if anyone is interested, but the highlights are:

  • Diamondback Haanjo 6C with almost nothing stock left
  • SRAM Force 1x11 mechanical
  • Hunt carbon wheels
  • Quarq D-Zero power meter
  • 59cm size - stack is roughly 62cm, reach is roughly 39.5cm

No idea what a fair price is. $2k seem reasonable? :man_shrugging:

EDIT: I realized $2500 was too high so let’s say $2k? Definitely open to discussion if anyone is interested.