650 rim brake option possibility

So Astral replied to me and asked if I were ready to buy or just inquiring.

What sort of demand would y’all here would sort of commit to? Maybe I can put together an order, but I don’t plan on buying any significant amount for stock.

My thought is the Astral Solstice would be the more desirable rim shape to see available in 650B rim brake.

You should pop by the iBob group of the 650b group and post this there. I think Fred is a moderator at one of those.

I’d probably buy a set if we were doing a group buy.

I put out some feelers for ya

I think it would be better to see if rando framebuilders are interested before you put it on public blast

It’ll be easier to pull off if they can be any color other than black

Black rims are the best.

I’m requesting polished for a chunk of any run since reenacters tend to like that. Talk it up, this is looking promising.

Yeah, at this point people using 650b rim brakes are probably building road oriented silvery fop chariots while those that are choosing to build 650b disc bikes prefer the darker hues of MTB black.

this is actually pretty accurate

I do silver hued disc foppery, too.