$700 to burn...

What should I buy? I’m thinking green kilo tt with white rear aerospok. But I want your input on what my next party foul should be.

Nevermind, buy a road bike.

Buy me a hed3 or a spin

I’ve got a road bike, thanks.

Save it.

anything but a kilo with an aerospoke.

Used Cross Check.

DIY cargo bike

Worlds best scraper bike?

polished disc wheel

A complete set of primal wear jerseys?

Just save it.

58 knog frogs.

700 junior bacon cheeseburgers.

I don’t eat meat.

700 junior bacon cheeseburgers without the burger or the bacon.

so 700 buns with lettuce, ketchup, and mayo?

If you want. Not my money.

Orange Kilo TT with Soma Sparrows, brown leather saddle and matching bartape.