700x32 GK - $25

Hey I’ve got some real crummy tires: Panaracer GravelKing, 700x32mm, total pain to mount, one held pressure ok, the other never really sealed. The really frustrating one worked fine with a tube in it. maybe a hundred miles on them? Good for your commuter or road bike that you don’t really like that much but kind of needs new tires and you’re not too concerned about how good those tires are.
I’ll hurl them into the mail in exchange for a $25 donation to PPACT, dm me a screenshot of your donation and your address and soon you too can be like FUCK I need to buy a compressor this is bullshit

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Here’s a picture that adequately describes having paid full retail for these exact same tires last week.

Aw man, if only Alabama had shat on the constitution a little sooner!