90s Allez 58cm with S&S Couplers - SOLD

So I bought this frame off of ebay on accident.

It’s a wee bit of a mystery bike but I believe it to be an early 90’s Specialzed Allez. 58.5cm seat tube center to center, 58cm top tube center to center. 1" threadless headset. Comes with frame, fork, damn near new cane creek 110 headset, and coupler wrench. Also got some cable break thingies if you need em. Seatpost is there to clamp into the stand, it’s too small anyways and you dont want it.

Two dents next to each other from the previous owner on the seat tube. Also, I had to file the driveside dropout down to fit a wheel for some reason. Looked fine but needed an extra mm to fit. Wheel appears to sit in it straight now. See pics for dropout and dent pictures.

Looks like it will fit a 700x28 and not much more. Live the supple circa 2004 life.

$300 shipped.

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@orc you wanted couplers?

Yes, but (a) I’ve already got one frame on the way to the breaker’s yard and (b) that’s a basically undamaged frame so chopping it up for the couplers seems like a bit of a waste?

Have you tried sticking a 650b wheel in it? It is tempting for a simple travel bike :thinking:

No I haven’t but the stays and the fork don’t look very accommodating for a fatter 650b tire.

I definitely have a temptation… but I think this is 2cm too big.

Swept back bars. Fistful of post. Boom. Free fitting session, you’re welcome.


If you can fit 700x28s into that thing, I’d be shocked if you couldn’t fit 650x33s into it, and maybe even 38s. Toast gave me an early 90s Sirrus a few years ago, and it’s riding on 38mm flat magnets even as we speak.

It better not fit 38s because I have some wheels right here and it’s my size and I don’t need another bike goddammit even if I could use the couplers down the road.


That frame won’t fit them. All the other frames will, but not that one.

i dont have a 650b wheel to test but i did just measure in between the chainstays right in the middle of the dimples and it was 41mm. so it might take some tinkering and fuckery, but its possible. anything is. god says so.

Holy shit, finding a bike like this in my size, for this price, would be like a dream come true. I’ll never forgive myself for passing up a 46cm Surly Traveler’s Check at Recycled Cycles for some paltry sum (which I had in store credit).

if someone needs a soft s&s case I can send you one for cost of shipping. I found one in a thrift store for like $5 years ago and it’s taking up space in my closet.

i also have other uses for the fork and headset, and would sell the frame only for $225 shipped. then you could have your close personal friend who is also a frame builder build you a 1" threadless disc flute fork.


You’re tempting me with the frame pricing

Hmm. If mig doesn’t want it $225 is a good price for a second set of couplers, so second chance dibs?

Goddammit david

one of yinz pay the guy already so I can stop thinking about how I don’t need it

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