A Fistful Of Post ATMO (old)


Awesome, someone tell rando hi.

Not sure where to post this:
I’m trying to figure out where I saw this - some MTBro make his bike a weed pipe. Like, he went and shredded some trail the. Pulled over and smoked a bowl but his bike was the pipe. I seem to remember it being the toptube? Do any of you remember this?


This bike is a pipe bomb?


I remember it but can’t think of who built it.


The obvious part would be the handle bars


was it mars cycles?


Not the mars bike but same concept. I remember photos of actual use


[quote]Mars Cycles • 2 years ago
Thanks john for the feature. This is my wife’s bike. The front triangle is stainless, which is what you see showng thru in the logos etc. There is no carb. The last hole near the seat tube is the hidden seat post binder. The smoking device is also full stainless so it’s smoke able. Works very very well.[/quote]



wow. I forget to log in for a weekend and there’s a rando sighting. Could you smell his embrocation?


Pentabike makes matching pipe / mouthpiece combo bar ends.


Yeah there’s a new one on Instagram called “Billie grippo”

Which is a Portland inside joke


top quality carbom fiber compomemts



[quote]It time to downsize, so up for sale is my custom beer tap shifter bike. This bicycle is one of a kind rat rod ballon tire inspired comfort bicycle. It has been ridden extensively (meaning it rides well) and is built by a bicycle industry professional (I have worked the bicycle industry for the last decade and do amateur fabrication on my own).

Base frame:
1976 Schwinn Suburban (Chicago made)
Widened frame and fork to accept 26x3" tires
Altered to be a true cantilever suspension frame
Welded on disc brake mounts
Heavy patina finish (rust, age, paint)

Custom tall backswept bars using Schwinn original bars
Hand built wheels using brushed aluminum rims, rear wheel is sealed bearing 10speed compatible mtb hub
1x9 speed xtr cassette and xtr derailleur shifted by custom built beer tap suicide shifter (beer tap pulls cables that run around pulleys to shift a shifter mounted on the seat tube.
Brooks seat
Handlebar mounted front rack
Decorative motorcycle headlight
Ding dong bell from 1970s (sounds better than modern ones)

Please note that everything on this bicycle was sourced used, but functions as it is put together. The bicycle is safe to ride and functions well, however it is not a bicycle meant for effortless cruising. It is a rat rod, meaning it is purposefully rusty and patina-ed.


looks like a fun $300


So “true cantilever suspension” is “I cut the seat tube free of the TT and seat stays” right?


" I wonder how many of you, knowing nothing more than that it’s our take on a fully modern mountain bike (threadless, 73mm shell), but no discs) would commit to one now without knowing the price, but guaranteed of a 25 percent discount off whatever the unknown price ends up being.

The thing is, we’re going to make that bike no matter what. It’s a bike I personally really want to do, and there seems to be tons of internal enthusiasm for it, but I’d still like to know whether our first production (maybe final) should be 75, 100, or 150 frames."

Who feels like giving Rivendell money just because?


no discs


I’d rather spend the money on a custom Curtlo with no dicks




So they’re going to make the same bike that sits in a corner of every thrift store in America?

I mean, another one?


[quote=Tail Hook Lengthener]
I mean, another one?[/quote]
Rivendell in 4 words