A possibly slow purge of bike stuff I no longer wish to own

Starting small, will post additional things as motivation allows.

Shimano PD-M780 XT SPD pedals, new without cleats - $50 plus shipping

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Shimano PD-M8020 XT trail pedals, <10 tarck centuries on them, no cleats, includes trail dirt from only the finest trails near light rail stations - $40 plus shipping. Add $10 if you want them cleaned first.

I’ll definitely hop on the PD-M780s. PM-ing

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Hell, I’ll take the other ones.

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do you want them cleaned tho???


Second dibs on the 8020s

Damn it how fast does a guy have to be here
I want all of the pedals. Dibs on the next set

Man that’s fucking weird. I legit had a dream last night about some nib 8020 pedals I’ve had forever. Would not have recalled it if not for this post.

Rudy’s got dibs on the 8020s.

Faster than 12h after the original post. The ones I wanted were gotten within an hour. I feel like I should have been able to notice them before that based on my nearly continuous browsing habit.

FD-R8000 31.8/28.6mm clamp on pusher, brand new but somehow missing the 28.6mm adapter pieces.

$30 plus shipping?

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Melon water bottles, one used once or twice, the other brand new. $12.50 plus shipping?

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Bottles please, if they’ll fit in my other package

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second dibs if spaghetti passes

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If this was a brazeon…

I know! Then I wouldn’t have had to buy a braze-on version of this same stupid thing just yesterday.

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No no I need these :smile:

Dibs on whatever is posted next if I like it.


This thread is my favorite bike store.


While everyone was distracted by the bottles…has anyone claimed the FD yet?