A random assortment of things I'd like to not own anymore

Have a few things burning various sized holes in my home:

Swift Paloma, black, kickflix adapter (I definitely have 31.6, might have 26.0 bits), dirty but in good shape $75 shipped

6800 crank 175 length 50/34 rings, used but with plenty of life left $75 shipped

Three (3) Thompson 31.6 posts. 2 350mm setback posts 1 silver and 1 black, 1 shorty 0 setback post in silver $40 shipped each

Honestly, though, tell me the prices you’d like to pay for these things and I’m pretty likely to accept that

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Tempted by the Paloma. Is that one of the Klickfix-only models, or does it mount to a rack like normal?

Think its kickflix only


sup with them toes bro

Toes cost extra

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This man Internets