AB's "Not Sure" & "Average" & "huh?" thread


Very tempted to make an offer on those grips


You’ll be very upset if you buy that bike and realize upon delivery that there are no grips


[quote=turpencat]It looks a lot like my bike
but with a stupid fork
and dumber geo.[/quote]

Don’t care. I like it.


doesn’t look like ebike


Faraday? Buddy bought one. Thing is rad, would recommend.


Yeah, I know a few people with them. Still ebikes, but not hideous.


E bikes now account for 20% of bike sales in Germany and the designs are getting better every year. Best looking ones for mine are Ampler:


Safety pizzas, yay or nay? Should I be concerned that my LBS got a whole bunch of these and are un-subtly subliminally trying to get me to buy one?


Got one for the Sundeal. I get even more comments now.


It’s $25 US dollars on prison island. I kind of feel like I should make my own.