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Might should put this in the jackass thread, but I got a solid axle for the front wheel and now I can basket to my hearts content. Handling is pretty squirrely at low speeds (which is sort of self-defeating on this bike) but it’s fun.

I’d love to get the front basket lower. My real plan is to put my big ortleib backpack in the basket and clip the top of it to the bars for a true bikepacking experience.


needs Crust fork.


Boss. I shoulda gone powerblocks instead of the blue wall tires I got.


no that’s way longer for 26" conversions

this was designed as a terrible lowrider boss rack, but it’s perfectly sized for dropout attachment on 20" wheels: https://www.racktime.com/en/racktime-products/system-carriers/racktime-product/topit/


I was being glib, Captain Akshually


I wish that rack would work on this, but the fork legs protrude pretty far laterally. That’s the reason the basket is currently as far forward as it is: the struts can’t rotate rearward any more than they already have.


can you bolt it to the fender eyelets with spacer standoffs?


Probably could. Originally I didn’t do that with the basket just because it would have taken quite a bit. Might still block wheel removal though. I’ve thought about double nutting the axle for that reason.




Is this a fancy Evasion? Explain the geo of beiks when their TT is almost the same as their ST?

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[quote]All New Geometry
Open your mind to some new numbers with the GXR. It’s long, so run a short stem to get the best handling out of this puppy.[/quote]

Reach - mm 371 381 388 394 403 Stack - mm 554 565 575 591 608
it’s a totally conservative endurance road bike with fat tire clearance


I was wondering what was different about them too, there is a lot of interest in NZ, I know of a couple coming over.


It looks a lot like my bike
but with a stupid fork
and dumber geo.


Very similar to my CX bike’s numbers, but with a 15cm longer wheelbase. Edit. Ha ha. 15 mm.


I saw this outside of a pawn shop in nowhere Montana. I like how the timing chain and drivetrain are both done on the right side. Also, check out those sweet MIG welds.


that lock job tho!







Does it come with grips?