adductor pain (leg muscle near crotchal area)

ANYONE ELSE experiencing a lot of adductor pain when they ridE?

I had a nasty fall in the middle of a sharp turn where I had to nearly lock the wheels to not hit a car that was in my lane going the other way. I bruised my hip (at least I think I bruised it at least. I was limping for a good month) and ever since then it really hurts after riding AND running.

I actually had to walk today because the pain was annoying.

I got an ultrasound done by a specialist to look for fluid buildup but there was nothing…and it’s not torn, it’s just REALLY REALLY sore. The only thing that works right now is massage therapy weekly, especially since I’m starting to pile on the miles. It doesn’t hurt on the bike, but off the bike it’s excruciating enough that because of my hip and this muscle sometimes I need a stick to walk. I already sold the mini cooper because I couldn’t drive/get int and out of it. :frowning:

crotch muscle hurts when you ride what?

only from pinching my seat to lift up my front tire

I had a bad charlie horse after a road ride last weekend when I rode 40 miles on a slipped seatpost without realizing it. Lots of soreness/tightness in the inner thigh muscle running from crotch to knee. Is that what you’re talking about?

Anyways, I resolved it by eating a lot of bananas for the potassium, yogurt for the calcium, sunflower seeds for the magnesium, drinking lots of water and stretching. Seemed to have worked for getting rid of the tightness.

Could be a problem with the iliopsoas muscle. Check out some stretches for it. Once you isolate the muscle in the stretch you’ll know if it’s the problem or not.

When I got doored, I was bruised bad for weeks and could not rest. I got to the point where I was compensation so much for it that my other leg started hurting also. I finally healed once I startded rubbing both legs/ hips down with tiger balm 3 times a day

it might not work but the shit is amazing and it cant hurt

Can you see a sports medicine doc or a physical therapist?

I get a weird pain in my crotch (a tendon, I think) sometimes on rides over 25-30 miles. I’m not sure why and it always goes away after i get off of the bike.