Adidas Girano

I’m in need of some new cycling shoes and I stumbled upon some Adidas Giranos in my size and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with them?

Are you riding three-bolt (road) cleats or two-bolt (spd/off road) cleats?
If it’s the two-bolt, you’ll need to get some rubber pontoons so that you’re not walking on the metal cleat all the time.
I think shimano SPD’s are the only two-bolt cleats that offer this. I’m not sure if the pontoons made for SPD’s will work with other systems.

If I’m just spilling info that you already know, then I’d say they were your average low-end road shoe. They’ll work fine for whatever, but not super great. I don’t have any experience with them, but I’d say you should definitely try them on first (unless they’re really cheap).

I’m using these. Not too shabby for the money.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for shoes? I want to buy something that is nice but not too expensive. Maybe like 50 to 150 range?

Chainlove sells Northwave Aerators and Revenges for <$75

You can find the Revenges for just over a hundred elsewhere as well.

[quote=“Petr5”]Chainlove sells Northwave Aerators and Revenges for <$75

You can find the Revenges for just over a hundred elsewhere as well.[/quote] I just got my Aerators! They are really a great shoe at that price… Mine were $108 shipped

I’ve never heard of Northwave. Are they good cycling shoes?

Yeah. Read reviews. They’re based off a y-heel design (the way it cups your heel) that a lot of people like. Tom Boonen races in Aerators

ive got them.
great shoes. breathe very well.

actually I found some Adidas Adistar Road Pro shoes for a deal at an LBS. I think I might go with them.

You can get Sidi Bullets, or whatever the equivalent road version is, for about $150. I wouldn’t say that they’re that much better than any $100 shoe, but they’re really nice if you’ve got a wide or narrow foot. I’m pretty sure they do narrow and wide in that version.

Yeah. If you can swing Sidis, do it. I’m using my Giranos with road pedals for my lycra-only bike. That gets ridden about once a week. For everyday riding it’s SPDs and Dominators which have lasted me 2 1/2 years of 6 day a week use.

Got the Adidas Giranos for $50.
They feel pretty good. I dig em. Thanks for the input from everyone.