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Seems silly to start a thread for these but since there doesn’t seem to be an odds-and-ends for sale thread, here we are. I’ll probably be selling more stuff eventually anyway.

Brand new never worn, too big for me Gore C3 overshoes. Sz 48-50. I thought they might work for my 47 feet, but they are still too loose. Not sure anyone here will fit these but they are yours for $20+ ship if you want to give em a whirl. They will probably fit in an envelope so should be cheap even considering x-border shens.

Fwiw the lizardskins shoe covers are pretty great and stretchy

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Thanks for the recommend, I was about to head over to kit-chat to ask for some suggestions. Unfortunately I don’t see them in stock anywhere (other than small).


Also have this De Marchi French jersey that has lost a little too much length for my long back. It’s a size M but I’d say it has moved towards S. It fits my 38/40 chest with a snug fit. No holes, stains, etc. No idea what to ask for it. Make me an offer if you want it and I will probably say yes. Also, for the Mericans in the audience, I will be ducking down to NY in the next week or two so can mail it from there for shipping savings as long as the border guards aren’t too nosy.

want to participate in this thread just for the title.
but nothing fits


Focus group reports good branding, poor product. Will regroup and return.



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