Aero +Son

I heard you were releasing a trick rim, that is 43.3mm deep. Herro Eero. 1.3 over the competition.

hows that frame coming? still with a Cdale style right?

frame updates plz

no 0.33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333mm over the competition.

phonetic fail

Its actually named after this 6 year old kid i know who is named after eero saarinen

<<< not finnish

His arch. I love his modernist, minimalistic designs.

im sayin you should post that explanation on the blog coz i was like “hahalol”

Hmm, not a bad idear

I got the joke, but that’s probably because I could see the Arch from my house back when.

I’ve also toured Eero Saarinen’s buildings in Columbus, Indiana.